Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Good Afternoooooooon

                           Good Afternoooooon

I’m working away at my jewellers bench, lost in thought, thinking of what I’m going to do when this pendant is finished. How great we humans are, we can perform the most intricate of operations and our mind can be somewhere else entirely.

Tiny silver particals float down over my jeans and onto the floor. I’d already hammered this round bar of silver to make it really thin at one end and now I was filing it smooth. Some aspects of manual work can look tedious to the onlooker but to the person performing the ritual, it can be as theraputic and soothing as meditating.

Goowd Affternoooooooon, I looked up and nearly filed my finger off. Who the fuck said that? What are they doing here in my workshop?  Can’t they see I’m lost in thought? Who has had the audacity to come into my world?

It’s like being asleep and suddenly awoken, we don’t appreciate it, we should be allowed to waken slowly, one eye at a time.

I look across the floor and there already halfway across the studio floor is a small white pygmy of  a woman. She looks like she’s around seventy and is wearing a wide white brimed hat, the sort that English ladies wore two centuries ago in outer India. Her head is barely visible beneath the tent she is wearing as a hat. I look at her and wonder how she made it through the door.
At the door is another, a larger white pygmy. She is holding  the lead of a dog and at the end of the lead is an earwig. Bits of hair sticking out everywhere, I can’t tell where its head is.
The larger white pygmy asks me if she may bring her earwig in with her. I say, You can of course, as long as he doesn’t leave anything behind him when he leaves. Oh no, he’s very well behaved. She took one step in and I continued, ‘Cause if he does, I’ll chop him up into little pieces!
The one step she took in, she promptly took back out, saying in horror, Chop him into little pieces?

Little white pymgy then glanced a little around the studio and realising she was out of her depth, her graund Goooood Afternoooon hadn’t the desired effect. There would be no open welcome with a tipping of the hat, she quickly realised there was a greater chance of her getting a kick in her arse. She graciously retreated into the midday sun and left me to return to the comfort of my meditation

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Creation is a very textured piece, people are inclined to touch it, which is unusual for a painting I think, I know when I see a sculpture that I like I want to touch it, I think most galleries have it all wrong with all their signs of don't touch, work is made to be touched!

Poppies in the Wind

Poppies in the Wind
Poppies are my favourite flowers, simple and so vibrant. We all can identify them, are drawn to them. In each of our lives we all need to get away from our world, you can step into the painting and you are walking through the cornfield, the poppies welcoming you, it is a place of warmth and protection, you emerge relaxed in the knowledge that you have found a place to go whenever you need those moments of escape.