Saturday, November 29, 2008

Kelp Heart, is a picture that I took a few weeks ago near my local beach in Conamara. I have a few more of Kelp, future models for sculptures and paintings.

Sunshine Lady

Sunshine Lady came from a meeting this woman that seemed to shine whenever she walked into the Dog Gone Café/Gallery ( my creation for the summer of 2008). I painted this one evening at the Café in semi darkness, the evening went into the early hours of the morning. I interupted the painting to have a few pints of Guinness at Mullarkey's across the road. There was great Funk band playing and they had everyone jumping that night, getting really funked up!
When the painting was finished I hung it in a place so it would be the first thing I would see when I came down in the morning, a surprise present to myself!


The painting Nuture is about the comfort of woman, a gentle moment, a loving touch, an intimate moment shared, it is about childhood, a dream, falling stars, outer and inner space, the sea, our world, peace and happiness. I painted it in the summer of 2007.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Light in Darkness

This was created over many days, it went through a few changes before emerging as one of my favorites. I was stuck in limbo with it, left it alone this particular evening and went to the opening of a Clive Bright exhibition at the Clifden Art and Antiques Gallery, Clive was using a lot of black in his paintings so I thought, 'Why not!' back I went and finished the painting!
Many people think that a dark painting suggests a dark mood in the painter, the opposite is true. A friend of mine recalled words from her teacher " Those that can paint in Darkness already have a lot of colour in their lives, those that paint in Bright colours have the darkness the most."

Oisrí Grande

This is a picture I took of a ring I made last year. A friend had found an Oisrí shell and brought it in to me, it had this incredible shape, so I used it as a template to make this ring. I work from sheet silver and everything is cut out and then hammered into shape.
I manipulated the colour of the photograph later on with the computer.

Another piece finished and uploaded to features my paintings and most recent work.

The new piece is called Oisrí Pendant with Pearl. Oisrí is Gaelic for Oyster, the Oyster shells that I use for inspirations are the Saddle Back Oyster Shells, you can find them on a few beaches around Connemara.

Monday, November 24, 2008

For those looking for good deals in contemporary handmade Silver jewellery, I have a Sale on my website some pieces are completely unique, all are original.

The Sale will continue until December 20th. So a good opportunity to buy something as a Christmas present for someone special or a treat for yourself.

I give 10% of all profits to the National Breast Cancer Research Institute. So you are helping save lives by buying a present.

I do it as women are my customers and I want to help a little, like we all do.
November 25 2008

Finally I have opened a blog. After spending the last few days trying to figure out how it works and what I'm meant to do, I'm just diving in and will find my way as I go.

Sin é faoi láthair ( 'that's all for now' in Gaelic ) come back tomorrow for another blast of Gaelic.


Creation is a very textured piece, people are inclined to touch it, which is unusual for a painting I think, I know when I see a sculpture that I like I want to touch it, I think most galleries have it all wrong with all their signs of don't touch, work is made to be touched!

Poppies in the Wind

Poppies in the Wind
Poppies are my favourite flowers, simple and so vibrant. We all can identify them, are drawn to them. In each of our lives we all need to get away from our world, you can step into the painting and you are walking through the cornfield, the poppies welcoming you, it is a place of warmth and protection, you emerge relaxed in the knowledge that you have found a place to go whenever you need those moments of escape.